Our Mission

To nurture personal, social, and spiritual growth for at-risk youth in Baltimore City Schools through comprehensive mentoring programs.

Our Vision

To see Baltimore City youth restored to personal, social, and spiritual wholeness and thriving within their communities.

Our Values

    Acts4Youth embraces a worldview based on traditional Christian values and teachings that stress the importance of a relationship with God.
    Acts4Youth seeks to restore youth to wholeness by focusing on the restoration of relationships – with God, with others, and with oneself – in each student’s academic, social, emotional, vocational, and spiritual development.
    Acts4Youth values integrity as a character trait critical to the restoration of youth and strives to model moral character and honesty in its interaction with students, parents, teachers, and community leaders.
    Acts4Youth enters the community humbly, respecting the youth, families, teachers, and leaders as the experts on brokenness, strengths, and their history.

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