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Day in the Life of Acts4Youth

On the way to their homes from Acts4Youth, the boys in the Guilford/Walter P. Carter Elementary School Program agreed it was a “great day, one of the best ever.” It just happened to also be the day we selected to capture their day in pictures… To read more click here.  

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October Newsletter

After the lesson, Daniel asked one boy, who was wearing a gang rag, “Why do you wear that?” The boy told him that he admired the gang’s lifestyle. Click to read more

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Just Another Day in Acts4Youth

On a recent day…I met with a grandmother of a 4th grade student whose mom lost custody due to drug addiction and whose father who is nowhere to be found. Grandmom is doing her best, and her grandson is getting good grades and making friends. She wants the best for him and will do whatever…

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Annual Newsletter

In this year’s annual newsletter, we celebrate the highlights of 2015/16 school year and anticipate 2016/17 . This year the first boys who joined Acts4Youth in 2008 are high school seniors. Class of 2017! Click to read more.

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June 2016 Newsletter

“They say we’re uneducated.  And we call ourselves savages. I say that we are liberated. We are more than what they say of us.” This is the beginning of a spoken word poem written by an A4Y middle school boy. Click to read more.  

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Church of the Nativity Blog Spotlights Acts4Youth

For Joelle (an Acts4Youth mentor), “the days she mentors have become the ones she looks forward to most during the week. She says they are, ‘sometimes challenging, often hilarious, and always humbling.’” Click here to read more of Church of the Nativity’s.  

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