We partner with various organizations around the Greater Baltimore community in hopes of providing diverse and enriching opportunities for our students. 

Church Partnerships

As a Christian organization, Acts4Youth works closely with local churches to provide a platform for their congregations to serve. Churches provide volunteers, interns, facilities, funding, and other resources while Acts4Youth provides opportunities to serve, training for interns, and presentations on urban ministry and other related topics.

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Business Partnerships

Baltimore City has many needs and the hurt that many of its youngest citizens experience is immense. Acts4youth partners with businesses to help at risk youth of Baltimore city grow and mature and, hopefully, one day help transform Baltimore as a result of the mentoring they received. These partnerships with businesses can take many forms depending upon the interests of the owners and their employees.  The partnership can include opportunities for employees to engage with the youth through a special annual event or regular mentoring, sponsorship of an Acts4Youth special event, or something entirely new and different that we haven’t thought of before.

High school/College Partnerships

A4Y works with local colleges and high schools to provide volunteer experiences for their students and community service learning hours, primarily during the afterschool hours. Each student receives training and support to help tutor and mentor our students during our academic time and Acts4Youth courses. 

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Interested in partnering with Acts4Youth?

Learn more about the difference our partnerships have made, and about how you can get involved.


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