“Acts4Youth is taking a unique approach to attempt to address some of these issues that plague our boys, schools and communities. I applaud their attempts to work with one of our local school’s administration to assist their efforts to address the challenges with their male poplulation... ”
Councilman Bill Henry
4th District Baltimore City

PO BOX 11068
Baltimore, MD 21212

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Acts4Youth News Feed

Over 150 Trips Planned for School Year Learning expeditions are one way A4Y equips boys for success. A grant from the France-Merrick Foundation and an anonymous donor have made the purchase of an A4Y van possible, greatly increasing the number of trips our students will be able to take in the coming year. Students will be taking business trips, going on service projects, participating in outdoor adventure trips, traveling for sports competition, and taking tours of partnering high schools in preparation for a successful high school transition.

Petit Family Foundation Awards A4Y Grant The Petit Family Foundation has awarded A4Y a grant of $5000 in support of our guidance counselor position. Our guidance counselor meets with students individually and conducts group sessions in anger management and conflict resolution. A4Y is committed to equipping boys with spiritual and emotional maturity.

Acts4Youth is one of if not the only Christian organization offering solutions to at risk boys through after school and summer academies that address academic, social, emotional, vocational and spiritual needs across elementary, middle and high school. – Research/Marketing Group Loyola University