Gameplan to Manhood

Our mentor programs start in grade four and progress through an elementary/middle school path to a high school path. Each path includes activities and a curriculum that are designed to help the participants become good students, teammates, citizens and employees.


Elementary and Middle School Path Characteristics (Grades 4 – 8)

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  • Students meet from 3 to 8 p.m. one day a week. The first two hours are at a school and the last three hours are offsite and include dinner. In addition, students take one to two fun trips each month.
  • The student/parent advisor engages students in lessons on topics like conflict resolution, team building, and leadership.
  • The off-site meetings emphasize spiritual development and connecting relationally. Two to three youth are paired with a male mentor and enjoy dinner, life discussions and fun games.
  • The recreational games focus on character building and team work and provide an opportunity for the boys to put what they’re learning into practice
  • Students take a variety of fun trips, including trips to a corn maze, cinema, and trampoline park.
  • Several times a year, the middle school boys visit with local leaders in a variety of vocations to hear their stories.
  • The boys help run a heat press business printing shirts to raise funds for fun trips and learn behaviors that future employers value.
  • The student/parent advisor meets with students during the day to have one-on-one conversations.
  • Acts4Youth helps students who have additional academic needs be paired with an individual tutor.
  • The student/parent advisor conducts workshops on high school placement, arranges trips to high schools and fairs, and helps parents and students apply for high schools and scholarships.
  • Elementary and middle school students meet on different days.
  • Good performance in school and the Acts4Youth program earns students scholarships to use for fun trips and camps.
  • Summer Programming:
    • Students can attend 3-day retreats at Refreshing Mountain Camp in Pennsylvania where they have fun and fellowship, spending time swimming, playing games, and growing in their faith.  Students can earn scholarships to make the retreats affordable.
    • Weekly Sessions - One night a week students will meet and enjoy a meal, games, outdoor activity lessons geared to grow their relationships, faith, and character.

High School Path (Grades 9 – 12)

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  • Mentors meet high school students regularly for individual discussions and once a month in the evening at large group meetings.
  • The Acts4Youth Student/Parent Advisor pairs students with one-on-one mentors and provides ongoing support for students and mentors.
  • The student/parent advisor and mentors monitor academic performance.
  • Students receive networking and support to obtain jobs, perform community service, stay connected to religious activities, open and manage bank accounts, obtain a driver's license, plan for life after high school, and be engaged on a team during their high school years.
  • Student/parent advisors track progress in school, teams, jobs, and community service and reward incentives (like scholarships) to camp, driver education classes, and trips
  • The high school program continues during the summer.

Register Your Student

If you are interested in registering a student in one of our programs, please download and fill out the form found here. Once completed, send to PO BOX 11068, Baltimore, MD 21212. Our staff will be in touch once received. 


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