Parent Information

Our programs serve to improve the well being of our students and to increase their opportunities for creating a better community. The support of parents can make a monumental difference in achieving this goal. 

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We Work with Parents Too!

We strive to work closely with parents of Acts4Youth participants and support them by providing them with parenting tools and assistance to help them continue the positive behavior of their child in the home setting.  In turn, we ask for their support in encouraging their child’s participation and facilitating his or her ability to attend afterschool and evening events. 

In addition, once the student has reached 8th grade, we help the parents apply to private schools and for financial aid, as appropriate for their student.  

Gameplan to Manhood

Curriculum that is designed to help the participants become good students, teammates, citizens and employees.

Shine into Womanhood

Helping girls develop their inner beauty by nurturing their emotional, social, and spiritual development.

Calendar of Events

Acts 4 Youth participates in and sponsors a number of events though out the year. 

Register Your Student

If you are interested in registering a student in one of our programs, please fill out the form below so that we can contact you with more information.


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