Program Overview

We believe that if we place at-risk youth with the right adults early and often and intentionally nurture the missing pieces to adulthood that many at-risk youth lack (foundational character traits, life skills, emotional and spiritual development), the youth will be more likely to make successful transitions into middle school, high school and eventually adulthood.

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Our Values

  1. Christian
    We embrace a worldview based on Christian teachings that stress the importance of a relationship with God
  2. Relational 
    We hire Christian role models who provide intentional instruction and mentoring within small group settings
  3. Proactive
    We start our programming in elementary school, when there is opportunity to help the students dream and formulate future aspirations
  4. Extensive
    Our program mentors students through two key transitional times – elementary to middle school, and middle to high school
  • Holistic
    We address five key developmental areas: social, emotional, and spiritual
  • Integrated
    We work with day school teachers to monitor performance and interact with the larger community through field trips and service projects
  • Character and life-skill base
    We provide intentional instruction, accountability and incentives to motivate and reward youth who display key character traits and life skills
  • Gender Specific
    We tailor our activities and curriculum to address issues related to adulthood

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