“He used to just do enough to get by, Acts4Youth has instilled something in him and know he wants to excel, he wants me to call him Dr. Pitts now, the sky is the limit. ”
Ms. Jones
Kenneth Pitts’ Grandmother

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D’Aundray entered A4Y as an angry fourth grade student who was failing school and had few friends. After our elementary path, he started displaying more self control, performed better in class, developed friendships and is preparing to make a successful transition into high school.

Kashar was a fourth grade student who was not cooperating with his teacher and was underperforming in class. His first month in our program he didn’t receive enough points to participate in sports and enjoy our fun trip. He was disappointed but with our support he decided to apply himself and by year’s end was achieving good grades and receiving high marks for effort and conduct. After his fifth grade year (and second year in A4Y), he became a leader and continued to improve, even qualifying for the Ingenuity Project at a local middle school, which prepares students to attend Poly Technical Institute, a top-tier Baltimore City high school. His mom’s only regret was that he had to leave A4Y.

Michael began A4Y as a quiet fourth grade student with limited motivation who was struggling in school. Michael took the bus to and from school each day and faithfully attended despite numerous challenges. By middle school, he became a model student and team leader and positioned himself to attend a top-tier high school. His school of choice is Christo Rey High School (one of our partner high schools).

Measurements and Incentives

We measure progress by how participants are displaying our traits and life skills as students, citizens, teammates and employees. We base our data on our weekly teacher reports, Guidance Counselor report and school and A4Y report cards. Incentives like sports, commission and fun trips are used to reward performance. Students who excel each month are placed on our Honor Roll and receive additional rewards. Below is an explanation of how we assess whether students are excelling in each component of our program.

Traits and Life Skills:

  • Receive intermediate to advanced scores (high marks) for our traits and life skills
  • Receive intermediate to advanced scores for emotional maturity


  • Receive high effort marks on report cards
  • Attendance above 90%
  • Improve their grades and score over 75%
  • Write technically sound reports
  • Expand vocabulary and improve spelling
  • Qualify for top-tier schools of choice


  • Receive high conduct marks on report cards
  • Enhance community through service
  • Apply ethical solutions to community planning


  • Expand vocational knowledge
  • Learn the keys to becoming a good employee
  • Receive high marks (for displaying employable traits) during business projects
  • Receive high marks on their A4Y internship
  • Perform well on a paid internship


  • Receive high marks for social skills on report card
  • Earn high marks on our team challenges
  • Display good teamwork skills on our sports teams
  • Become an integral part of a school or community team