“D'Aundrey's growth since he has been a part of Acts4Youth has been phenomenal... he has grown to solve problems more positively [rather] than with so much anger and force. ”
Nadine Rosber
7th Grade Parent

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Baltimore, MD 21212

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Afterschool Assistants

Work with our teachers and provide homework help, tutoring and mentoring during our A4Y courses between 3 and 5 p.m.


Work with a small group of Middle School students on a weeknight developing rapport, having fun and using our curriculum to facilitate discussion on character, life skills and God. In addition to facilitating discussion on our traits, life skills and God, our High School mentors will work with our staff to help provide advocacy and support for our students to improve academically and become better citizens, teammates and employees

Summer Camp Assistants

Work with our staff for one week during the summer to tutor and mentor students as they participate in a wide range of enriching course and fun activities.

Board Members

Share your passion, time, expertise and resources with a team of committed members who are responsible for governing the organization. Members are Christians from local churches who work well with others and are skilled in some of the following areas: finances, education, programming, marketing, fundraising, law, strategic planning and human resources.

High School Application Coaches

Partner with a 7th grade student and his guardian to help them fill out application and financial aid forms, attend open houses and tours, prepare for placement testing, secure recommendation letters from teachers or coaches, advocate to the admissions department and network for tuition assistance.

Parent Liaison

Work with 8-10 families in one grade and provide prayer support, coordination and communication for upcoming events. Also help build networks with social agencies and coordinate two “fun nights out” for parents each school year.


Assist our staff on a short-term basis to fulfill administrative tasks including editing, filing, data entry, mailings and field trip organization.



As a Christian organization, A4Y works closely with local churches to provide a platform for their congregations to serve. Churches provide volunteers, interns, facilities, funding and other resources while A4Y provides opportunities to serve, training for interns and presentations on urban ministry and other related topics.


A4Y works with administrators and teachers of elementary/middle schools in Baltimore City to conduct our afterschool programming inside the school. We target schools with limited resources that have a high percentage of at-risk students from disadvantaged communities. These schools must also share common values and be willing to develop an effective and long-term working relationship.

Universities and High Schools

A4Y works with local colleges and high schools to provide volunteer experiences for their students, primarily during the afterschool hours. Each student receives training and support to help tutor and mentor our students during our academic time and A4Y courses.


Serve on a short term committee to help plan and support our annual fundraiser and student graduation banquet